Wave Display LG


LG Quad dual sided Wave Display incl. lifting unit





Product condition:

The LG Quad dual sided Wave Display is a “state of the art”-screen, which makes use of some special OLED-technology characteristics. The construction of OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays give them the ability to be very flexible without breaking or downgrading the picture quality.
This technology is now ready for the market. With the Wave Display the business demonstrates the big potential of Curved-OLED Screens. Already over a short distance the 8640 x 3840 pixel create a high definition image.
Project content from the built-in player or via external sources onto the display. At the same time, both sides can be controlled independently.


OLED Wave 249x299x110cm / 770 Kg (Netto 221x272x102cm / 500Kg)

Lifting unit 88x207x60 / 255Kg