Yamaha XM-4220 4ch Amp


20Hz – 20kHz THD+N=0.2%
140W per channel @ 8ohms
180W per channel @ 4ohms
360W per channel @ 8ohms

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Product condition:
20Hz – 20kHz THD+N=0.2%
140W per channel @ 8ohms
180W per channel @ 4ohms
360W per channel @ 8ohms

Although stereo is the standard configuration for audio power amplifiers, many applications require more than two channels. The result is that you’ll have to purchase multiple amplifiers, and supply the necessary installation space.

The Yamaha XM-series Multi-channel Power Amplifiers are the perfect solution. The XM6150 and XM4220 provide six and four channels, respectively, delivering clean power to standard speaker systems or 70.7-volt distributed multi-speaker systems – or any combination. Both models feature Yamaha’s exclusive EEEngine technology for exceptionally high power efficiency, and superior sound quality that is in keeping with Yamaha’s high standards.Top-quality professional connectors are used throughout for maximum reliability, and features like rear-panel attenuators and high-pass filter switches afford maximum flexibility.

Efficient Multi-channel Power:
Although the XM-series amplifiers pack multiple channels into remarkably compact enclosure, they still deliver high power and sound quality that will satisfy the most demanding professional applications. The XM6150’s six channels each deliver 100-watts of power into 8-ohm loads, or 120 watts into 4 ohms. Or the six channels can be bridged in pairs to provide 3 channels of 240-watt power. Each of the XM4220’s 4 channels delivers 140 watts into 8 ohms, 180 watts into 4 ohms, or the channels can be bridged to provide 2 channels of 360-watt power. Even with this high power output, Yamaha’s EEEngine technology achieves extra high efficiency and low heat generation in surprisingly compact dimensions.

70.7-Volt Distribution Capability:
In addition to driving standard speaker systems, the XM6150 and XM4220 are capable of driving 70.7-volt distribution type multi-speaker installations. All channels can be used for the same type of application, or you can mix and match, with some channels driving a distributed system while others are driving standard speakers.

Bridge Switches for Fuss-free Channel Bridging:
Bridged connections are a breeze with the SM6150 and XM4220. Bridge ON/OFF switches are provided for each pair of channels (2 on the XM4220, 3 on the XM6150), so all you have to do is connect your source to the appropriate channel and flip the BRIDGE switch to the ON position. And, of course, not all channels need to be bridged at the same time so you can have some channels operating unbridged while others are bridged to drive, say, a subwoofer or distributed speaker array.

Parallel Input Switch:
In applications in which you want the same source to drive all four or six of the amplifier’s channels, simply connect the source to the channel A input and set the channel grouping switch to the CH A TO ALL CH position. No need for special cables or wiring setups.

Rear-panel Attenuators and Built-in High-pass Filters:
For optimum system level matching all channels have precision input attenuators; rear-panel mounted to prevent accidental changes. All channels also feature switchable high-pass filters, which can be used to remove low-frequency noise and rumble.

Professional Connectors:
For compatibility with professional equipment and easy installation, the XM6150 and XM4220 have balanced XLR-type input connectors as well as Euro-block terminals. Outputs are 5 way binding-post connectors for optimum reliability.

Comprehensive Circuit Protection:
A number of circuit protection features are provided to minimize the possibility of accidental amplifier or speaker damage. Power-on muting blocks the initial power-on surge and allows the amplifier to stabilize before operation begins. DC sensing shuts off the amplifier’s output if potentially damaging DC is detected at the output terminals. And thermal protection will shut down the system if the heat-sink temperature rises above the safe operating range.

System Indicators:
On both models signal and clip indicators are provided for each channel. The SIGNAL indicators light when a signal is present in the corresponding channel, and the CLIP indicators warn of excessive levels that may cause distortion. There’s also a PROTECTION indication that one of the amplifier’s protection circuits has been activated.

Variable-speed Fan Cooling:
In addition to oversized heat sinks and a layout designed for optimum heat dispersion, the XM-series amplifiers feature a high-reliability variable-speed-cooling fan that keeps the entire system well within the ideal operating range.

• Power Bandwidth Half power 10Hz – 40kHz (THD+N=1%)
THD+N 20Hz – 20kHz, Half power =0.2%
• Frequency Response 8O, Po=1W 0dB, 0.5dB, -1dB 20Hz – 50kHz
• Intermodulation Distortion
60Hz: 7kHz, 4:1, half power =0.2%
• Channel Separation
• Half power RL=8O 1kHz
• Vol. max input 600O shunt =60dB
• Residual Noise Vol. max 12.7kHz LPF =-68dB
• S/N Ratio 12.7kHz LPF 100dB
• Damping Factor 8O, 1f=1kHz =100
• Sensitivity (Vol. max) Rated power into 😯 0dB
• Voltage Gain (Vol. max) 32.1dB
• Input Impedance 30kO (balance) 15kO (unbalance)
• Controls Front panel POWER switch (ON/OFF)
• Rear panel Volume (31 position)/ch
• Bridge switch (ON/OFF)/2ch
• HPF switch (ON/OFF)/ch
• fc=80Hz, -12dB/oct
• Input A ch to all ch switch
• Connectors Input XLR-3-31 type/ch
• Euroblock connector
Output 5 way binding post
• Indicators POWER Green
• CLIP Red
• SIGNAL Green
• Protection Circuit POWER switch on muting
DC detection
• Temp. detection (heat sink
temp =85C)
• PC Limiter RL =2O
• Fan Speed Low/50C variable, High/70C
• Power Requirements US and Canada 120V, 60Hz
• Europe model 230V, 50Hz
• Other 240V, 50Hz
• Power Consumption Idling 45W
• 1/8 output power, 4O 400W
• Maximum output, 4O 1800W
• Dimensions (W x H x D) 480 x 132 x 319mm
(18-7/8″ x 5-3/16″ x 12-9/16″)
• Weight 18kg (39.7lbs.)